ASUS ROG Scar II Reviews

With the Nvidia RTX 2060 powerful graphics card, the ASUS ROG Scar II really made the breakthrough of gaming laptops in the segment of more than 40 million to date.

The design is very gamer-like, but it is not pitiful and very sturdy

For gamers, in addition to choosing hardware configuration, appearance is also one of the important factors when choosing to buy a product. And maybe ROG Scar II is the laptop that meets both needs.

ROG Scar II possesses a gamer-like design with metallic aluminum in the lid, as well as being made in beautiful, striking scratches. Compared to the first generation, ROG Scar II can be considered a complete version worth the most money.

Thanks to the inspiration from the Zephyrus series with the world’s thinnest and lightest design, the overall size of the device is still very compact, not like any other gaming laptop. The ROG logo with RGB backlight is enlarged and displays vividly, you can adjust the background color of the lamp in different colors depending on your preference.

Even under the trackpad and armrests, it also retrofits a large, long RGB lamp.

Meanwhile the active display lights of the machine are cleverly cut and placed right above the keyboard cluster of the machine. It is also the location of the machine’s cooling system, but even so it is still aesthetically pleasing, not only that but also featured with its familiar “Republic of Gamer” logo and logo.

Regarding ports, Scar II is equipped with all the most common ports available today. Includes LAN port, mini-Display Port, HDMI 2.0, two separate USB 3.1 ports, USB 3.1 Type-C, finally a 3.5mm port, all on the left side.

Meanwhile the right edge will be the heat sink slot, add another USB 3.1 port and SD card slot.

The back of the device seems to be a bit uninteresting, but the company still designs the animation and the line is still cool. It is also home to the main cooling system of the machine.

ROG SCAR II is equipped with a new cooling system called HyperCool. This system consists of an extended heat conduction plate that helps absorb and radiate heat more evenly, along with two 12V radiator fans, will allow for more cooling and push when the heat is out faster. However, changing the fan’s noise level when operating will also be increased, but still you can customize the operation level from low to high to match.

Moreover, not only does the main heat sink in the fan, the company also designs the groove to push dust from inside to outside, increasing cooling capacity as well as more heat dissipation. Even the lid of the machine has the ability to dissipate heat by allowing air flows through the diagonal lines.

Full-size RGB keyboard with good interoperability

Inside the interior, it is 100% full-size keyboard and designed exclusively for FPS gamers. The WASD keystroke is differentiated and accentuates with beautiful white tones, and the Spacebar is also made longer and wider to optimize game play.

Practical experience shows that typing and using feeling when playing games is still quite good, compared to its predecessors, there is no difference. Due to the short keyboard journey, operations such as typing, typing or gaming are quite fast, the keyboard’s font is big and clear. The typical font of ROG series is also pretty and likes eyes. Besides the N-Key Rollover feature, it helps to prevent keystrokes.

However, there is one detail that makes most of you mistakenly be a ventilated array above the four functional shortcuts. Many people mistakenly think that this is the machine’s speaker, but it’s not really, but this is actually the laptop’s sub-heat sink.

In contrast to the sparkling and “lavish” area above, the trackpad controls the mouse. Here, ASUS seems to have made it as minimal as possible because, in fact, few people use laptop mouse tables to play games. The trackpad is available on Scar II, generating capital to cater to the basic needs of gaming. Therefore, it can be seen that this is not a strong point of the machine, but it all comes from monitors and hardware.

The 144hz IPS screen, the response speed is only 3ms

Removing TN panels with extremely boring colors and very narrow viewing angles, instead, the ASUS ROG Scar II has been equipped with IPS technology panels with clear colors, wider viewing angles, comfortable use and combat in any case. The color coverage of the screen also reaches 100% sRGB, along with the ultra-thin border design that gives the impression of a better paradise. Measuring 15.6 inches with Full HD resolution, it is clear that ROG Scar II provides a good and extremely good experience for gaming needs as well as other complex functions.

The most special and outstanding feature is the scanning frequency of up to 144 Hz, the response speed is only 3ms, this is the ideal monitor for gaming needs, especially FPS games, In addition, 15.6 inches in size and Full HD resolution also offers a great and just enough experience if not redundant.

Here are the results when using Spyder 5 Pro:

Performance is a powerful weapon

In the GTX 1060 and 1070 versions, ROG Scar II has also been greatly appreciated for the performance of a gaming laptop at a price around $1500. At this point, equipped with extremely powerful graphics card and supported by many new technologies from Nvidia, is RTX 2060/2070, ROG Scar II is like a winged tiger.




PC Mark 10:

Try playing some games using 2 RAM 16GB to run Dual Channel and with the parameters in the left corner of the screen. Besides, some games I will also tweak the fan according to 3 modes in which:

  • Silent: 25W TDP CPU, noise level <35dB -> lower performance, absolute quiet
  • Balanced: 35W TDP CPU, noise level <45dB -> balanced performance, not too noisy
  • Overboost: 45W TDP CPU, noise level <55dB -> about 10-15% higher performance, but noisy and higher temperature range of 5% -10%


With design changes and improvements, especially now equipped with more advanced hardware power with RTX 2060/2070 has helped the ASUS ROG Scar II be a formidable gaming laptop in the segment of more than 40 million. copper. Moreover, with modern but not new technology, ray tracing and DLSS, it can be seen that the gaming experience of the users has now risen to new heights, although it has to be exchanged a little about the smoothness of the game, but with sharp images and help the game to be realistic, obviously, this is one of the things worth owning and furthermore, what gamers are expecting to get in a laptop just got. Slim and light design instead of having to carry heavy and bulky PCs that can’t be moved.

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