BlackBerry Evolve Reviews

If most smartphones are only being created to satisfy all. Then with BlackBerryEvolve, the definition of entrepreneurship with the liberal Android platform makes this model different.

Luxury design

Bringing in outstanding innovations, stripping completely with the new design thanks to the trend-based overflow screen, however, the Black Strawberry keeps the product unique features that you can’t find in any stay where Owning monolithic design language as the trend of other smartphones, but the back creates a difference thanks to high-quality polycarbonate plastic material coated with rough paint, along with the hot characteristic potting Enough to attract every look.

Modern dual camera cluster with fingerprint sensor placed vertically and symmetrically on the back also creates highlights for the product. Moreover, the fingerprint sensor is designed to be square and made completely different from the products on the market, which also exudes the masculinity and elegance of users when used.

With elegant black tones, with a sturdy and sturdy metal frame, users also feel confident when holding BlackBerry Evolve in their hands. The buttons to increase or decrease the volume or the power button are located in a reasonable position and easy to manipulate, especially the power button is also differentiated with lumpy textures when pressing will help limit the confusion between the 2 buttons above.

More specifically, a consumer-oriented smartphone always wants to be assured of convenience, BlackBerry still equips the Evolve with full connectivity ports, typically the traditional 3.5mm jack as well as the existing USB-C charging port. The best, ensure data transfer speed as well as the ability to provide power quickly thanks to the integrated fast charging technology.

In addition, the device is also equipped with SIM card tray supporting 2 SIM operating at the same time, helping you always keep many contacts, avoiding the situation of having to use multiple phones at the same time to interrupt and affect the public job.

Large overflow screen, good display quality

Owning the design of the borderline screen caught up with the modern trend. But even so, BlackBerry Evolve retains its core values when it comes to perfecting quality products.

BlackBerry Evolve has a large screen size of 5.99 inches, an 18: 9 ratio for more use. With IPS LCD panel and Full HD + resolution for wide viewing angle, clear colors, sharp and detailed images. Moreover, the device has a high screen brightness so the display in light conditions is not as ideal as in the hot sun is still very clear and good. Touch screen is also sensitive and smooth, easy touch and swipe operations and quick feedback.

Besides, equipped with Gorilla Glass 5 tempered glass helps the screen of the machine also have good impact resistance, Oleo-phobic coating here is also effective when limiting dust and fingerprints very significant.

In general, for Evolve, the company that had the change to say is very big in design language, has no longer been forced into a path that has a hard keyboard, but instead dares to do things totally new.

Great security with BlackBerry DTEK

One of the biggest highlights on BlackBerry Evolve is its security, and this is also the characteristic of other products from its brand. Anti-fingerprint fingerprint sensor with the ability to recognize only 1 touch extremely quickly, even if the fingerprint is wet, the machine can still be unlocked easily. Besides, the feature of trendy face recognition for unlock time is also very fast, works well in both low light conditions.

More specifically, BlackBerry Evolve also integrates many security technologies both in hardware and software, making your phone always safe, avoiding direct intrusion from outside because smartphones are very devices containing more personal information, accounts, bank passwords or data, more importantly, this is a product dedicated to groups of people who spend big time on their work.

Moreover, with the BlackBerry DTEK solution preinstalled on the machine, this tool will scan all data on the device and give warnings about vulnerabilities, the interference of external applications, even DTEK can also automatically prevent and warn about the risk of data wings, sensitive access rights such as contacts, messages, emails, …

The ability to handle the best work

As a dedicated smartphone for work, BlackBerry Evolve is also equipped with top-notch support applications as well as a good enough performance to meet all access needs. Typically the BlackBerry Hub, the “all-in-one” application allows users to control all notifications from multiple accounts or different applications. You can compose mail, view messages, forward messages, reply to other messages from social applications like Facebook, Skype, Zalo, Slack, Telegram, … in just the same “Hub” without having to Open too many multitasking tasks.

In addition, the device is also equipped with virtual keyboard by BlackBerry designed for the best experience, supports both swipe gestures to input data faster thanks to the ability to predict accurate text. Productive Tab feature is also very useful, you will be able to access the most popular applications quickly by swiping the right word at the toolbar, so your work will never be interrupted. paragraph.

Not only that, the battery capacity of 4.000mAh also gives the device a long time to use, enough to operate a long day that can even be used on the 2nd day thanks to the original Android has been optimized as well as lessen the Complex features. Quick Charge 3.0 technology also speeds up the charging of the large capacity battery very quickly.

BlackBerry Evolve smartphones are not for the majority

While other manufacturers are running together to equip with strange technologies for their devices, BlackBerry still retains the most familiar things to serve the needs of users, not only but also the best.

There is no need for modern technologies, BlackBerry just wants to bring real and core value to customers, which is convenient in operation and optimal in. Although there are still some disparaging words about performance loss, however, the experience brings real benefits when using it, it is probably only BlackBerry is the best.

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