Buying guide for the best noise canceling headphones

Recently Sony has introduced quite a number of noticeable noise reduction headphones but not everyone knows the information. What do they stand out for? Which object? How much,…? The following article will answer each problem for you, helping to find out which product is best suited to your needs.

According to the price range, Sony divides the two-line, high-end headphones with 1000X series, popularly including C600N, SP600N and SP700N.

1. WH-1000XM3: Top choice.

This is the most advanced model, concentrating all the experience and new technology. After the 1000XM3 was born, it quickly won tech sites such as CNET, What Hi-Fi, SoundGuys, Digital Trends, etc., voted “the world’s best noise-canceling headphones”.

The secret lies in the noise reduction chip HD QN1, which is four times better. Besides LDAC technology for high quality wireless music transfer, 3 times the standard Bluetooth standard. In addition to using a Walkman player, any Android phone running 8.0 Oreo version or above can activate LDAC.

In addition, the headset records points at a long battery life of up to 30 hours, supporting fast charging for 10 minutes using 5 hours. The hooded design with lightweight, lightweight ear cushions provides a comfortable wearing feel. Extremely suitable for people traveling by bus, airplane, office.

Possessing the most perfect anti-noise technology today, the design is aimed at the working people, the people working far away, the selling price of 1000XM3 is only around $400. The product is currently selling globally, typically in Korea, 1000XM3 has pulled Sony’s wireless headset market share of over $200 to 65%, overwhelming all competitors.

2. WI-1000X: Superior finish in a more compact design.

The WI-1000X uses neckband type – neck strap – more compact and mobile. Suitable for those who feel the WH-1000XM3’s hooded design is still cumbersome and entangled.

In terms of technology, although the price is cheaper, the headphones still have advanced functions such as noise resistance based on AI artificial intelligence, Bluetooth LDAC codec, DSEE HX, S-Master HX, … In addition, there are Vibration when receiving calls, help you not to miss important conversations.

3. WF-1000X: Future design completely eliminates connecting wires.

The final product in the high-end noise reduction headphones. The WF-1000X offers a futuristic design when removing the connection between the two sides of the ear, providing the highest level of simplicity compared to the two models above. Swapping for that convenient experience is about sacrificing battery life, connectivity and sound.

If you are a lightweight driver, wanting a complete wireless experience, the WF-1000X is the right product for you. The headset retains Sony’s advanced noise reduction technology and is a rare true wireless model with this feature. Recently, Sony has released a new software update for the WF-1000X, which improves the stability of connection.

4. WI-C600N: A bright choice for office workers.

In the mainstream segment, Sony launched the C600N model aimed directly at office workers. The headset has a wristband design made of silicon, flexible and easy to carry. You can hide the collar under the collar, very neat and delicate.

Noise-canceling technology helps to isolate the noisy space around, improve work efficiency. Along with the sweet sound, easy listening, 6.5 hours battery life is enough to use in a working day. Some other notable features of C600N such as USB-C charging port, AI-based intelligent noise reduction mode, …

The price for headphones is ~ $150, too much compared to the range of equipment features. There is noise reduction to enhance focus when needed, compact design, convenient USB-C, long battery, sweet sound quality. You can hardly find a comprehensive product like the C600N in the price range of under VND 4 million.

5. WI-SP600N: Towards the sports mobilizer.

In the mainstream segment, Sony targets two groups of customers who are office workers and sports people. Above, there is a C600N for listeners in an institutional environment, now two models of SP600N and SP700N are all geared towards the movement-favorite group.

First is the SP600N, continue to use a neat neck strap design. However, Sony has added light IPX4 water resistance to suit sports or sweating players. The headset still has noise reduction technology to enhance concentration, along with a 6 hour battery life. The sound quality is strong thanks to EXTRA BASS technology, especially suitable for the target audience.

6: WF-SP700N: True wireless for sports people.

Finally on this list is the SP700N, focusing on sports-loving customers who want to “wirelessly”. If the necklace design of SP600N has not satisfied you, true wireless like SP700N is the best choice. Like the WF-1000X, the complete removal of the two-wire connection makes the SP700N more compact, maximizing flexibility.

Aiming at the light-weight sports group, the headphones have a strong sound quality typical EXTRA BASS, light water resistant design. Finally, the battery life is up to 9 hours a day.

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