Galaxy S10 Plus battery life rating

Equipped with 4,100 mAh battery capacity, Galaxy S10 Plus gives outstanding usage time compared to other Android smartphones on the market. If Samsung equips the new charging technology product, the shorter charging time will be even better.

The Galaxy S10 Plus is equipped with a Super AMOLED 6.4-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels, an 8-core Exynos 9820 8-core processor and 8GB of RAM. In this review Galaxy S10 Plus is set to Full HD + resolution, which is also the default resolution pre-installed by the manufacturer. In fact, using Full HD + or 2K + resolution is almost indistinguishable from the naked eye.

Screen brightness during the test is 50%, bright enough to use in most cases. If you regularly use outdoors, new strong light needs to be higher, the remaining indoor conditions are moderate or light is only below 50%. The ambient temperature tested ranged from 25 – 28 degrees C.

Test with PCMark software

Basically, this software will set up different tasks interlacing activities such as playing games, videos, editing images, surfing the web … After fully charging 100%, open the software to run, until the battery capacity 20% will stop. Measured results, PCMark runs continuously from 100% – 20% in 10 hours 53 minutes. The number is quite good compared to a flagship.

Actual use

To check battery life, I have used some of the following tasks: Surfing Facebook – Instagram with wifi / 4G, watching YouTube with wifi / 4G, playing PUBG HD level and extremely high frame rate with wifi . Each task uses 1 hour continuously, the screen brightness is still about 40%.

It is really impressive that 4G usage only takes about 12% of the battery every hour and if only to watch YouTube, it only takes about 9%. If using Wifi is much less than that, in the process of using it, it only found the device warmed slightly near the camera, so did PUBG, just a little warm, not hot.

As for PUBG, it costs 21% of battery power to play every hour. This is also understandable because I set the settings very high, HDR level graphics. For a 6.4-inch screen smartphone and playing a very heavy game like that, the battery consumption is so good.

However, it should be noted that for new users, most of the machines after box opener need time to stabilize, update software and applications. In addition, the machine will need time to learn the best battery habits for users to use and to limit which applications are less used. The Galaxy S10 Plus I used to evaluate took a long time to get the most stability, when I first used the battery-losing machine very quickly, especially when I turned on the network.

Charging speed

A little disappointed when OPPO has Super VOOC technology with a capacity of up to 50W, or Super Charge on the Mate 20 Pro, up to 40W for fast charging speed. Samsung has remained loyal to the 15W charger for many years. Full charge of Galaxy S10 Plus is almost equivalent to Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy A50 with 4,000 mAh battery capacity.


Galaxy S10 Plus is a high-end smartphone with very good battery life, but if it is comfortable, it is not true, because in fact if users play a lot of games, leaving the phone in standby mode and turning on 4G will cost a A significant amount of battery. If it is mainly used to surf the web, watch videos and only turn on the network when it is needed, then one day is sure that the number will meet well. If Samsung equips its flagship faster, faster charging technology will be much better.

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