Galaxy S10 Plus Reviews

Possessing 3 rear cameras with excellent hardware parameters, Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus has been rated as one of the best photography smartphones today. However, if Samsung optimizes the software, it will be even better.

Recall camera parameters on Galaxy S10 duo, 3 cameras of the camera include:

  • Wide-angle camera: 12 MP, f / 1.5-2.4, 26mm, 1 / 2.55 ″, 1.4µm, Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS
  • Telephoto camera: 12 MP, f / 2.4, 52mm, 1 / 3.6 ″, 1.0µm, AF, OIS, 2x optical zoom
  • Ultra wide camera: 16 MP, f / 2.2, 12mm, 1 / 3.1 ″, 1.0µm

Usually, a camera reviews will introduce the software, the interface for taking photos first, but in this article I put down the final one. First we will go into the evaluation of the previous image quality details.

Shoot in daylight conditions

1. Convenient light

Super wide angle camera

Wide-angle camera:

Camera tele:


  • In light conditions, all 3 cameras give sharp images with high detail.
  • Speed of shooting and focusing on all three cameras is very fast.
  • The color is more attractive than the actual, especially the blue is pushed up high, when shooting the blue sky, sometimes the color is more intense.
  • Ultra-wide camera allows users to turn on and off the edge correction feature, depending on the subject and artistic purpose, it is sometimes possible to turn this feature off to make the photos more impressive.

2. Backlight


  • Auto HDR is very good, images taken directly into the sun still get dark detail, bright areas are not too burning.
  • In the photo of the City’s Post Office above, HDR pushed the sky up too brightly, making the image a bit harsh and unnatural.
  • In general, the camera’s backlighting capability is impressive, but in some cases it is still not very good, in this regard it can be adjusted by software.

Shoot in low light conditions

1. Shooting automatically


  • The first photo taken at dawn Samsung pushed the color up to make the picture completely wrong, but looking at it, it seems that the color is more attractive. Most of Samsung’s other low-light photos are haunted in pink, not only S10, but most of Samsung’s other smartphones are similar.
  • With a large aperture, extremely good vibration resistance, the main camera for impressive low light shooting capability. It can lower the shutter speed to 1/8 second without a tripod, just holding the hand is a picture that doesn’t shake or blur.
  • Telephoto camera and super-wide angle show a lack of light-shooting ability due to small aperture, so under this condition, users should only use the main camera (wide-angle camera) only.

2. Shooting with professional mode

Thanks to the ability to change the aperture between f / 1.5 – f / 2.4, the ability to adjust the hands of the Galaxy S10 is very flexible. When the aperture f / 2.4 is left, it can be exposed for 4 seconds. It is praiseworthy that the manual adjustment mode of the machine can adjust a lot of colors, contrast …

Unfortunately, Samsung only allows manual adjustment with wide-angle camera without using with telephoto camera as well as super-wide camera. This is a big omission for landscape lovers, like to use super wide cameras to take photos of buildings and streets at night.

3. Shoot with ray effect

Galaxy S10, is Samsung’s first device equipped with this feature. When shooting in low light, the software will simulate the beam effect as when shooting with a professional camera. Beam effect will appear in light sources and light spots, see the picture above can see the simulator is quite sharp, impressive, not too virtual. If you do not look carefully, it is difficult to realize that this is just a fake ray of light by software.

4. Shoot with flash

5. Shoot in very dark conditions

In the first photo, when the device is not too dark, the subject still gets the subject details, because holding the phone firmly, the speed can be reduced to 1/4 second without blurring – proving the device’s vibration resistance. Really great. In the picture below, when the camera is too dark, the device cannot get the subject, the ISO only reaches 3200 and cannot be higher.

Other shooting modes

1. Portrait shoot

Unlike previous devices, portrait mode on Galaxy S10 only uses wide-angle camera, not telephoto camera to take advantage of aperture. Looking at the first picture is easy to see in low light conditions, complex light sources still very sharp images. More interesting is that in addition to the effect of removing fonts like before, Samsung also added many effects such as swirling, zooming, black and white effect to highlight the subject. In general, the software of the machine works effectively, separating the background quite well.

2. Food shooting

Normal mode
Normal mode
Food shooting mode
Food shooting mode

The diet mode on Galaxy S10 tends to make the color of the food more eye-catching but tends to turn yellow, in some cases it is not very effective.

Software, features

The camera software of Galaxy S10 is supplemented with many new features. Some of the aforementioned ones, such as adding more fonts to remove fonts, optimizing the context, adding effects when shooting in low light. In addition, the machine is also capable of suggesting to users the best frame by aligning the horizon or straight lines of the subject.

Professional shooters also change many parameters directly when shooting, but lack the ability to adjust the camera for ultra-wide and telephoto camera also disappointed with many people. Hopefully in the future, Samsung will update to add this shortcoming.


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