Galaxy S10 Series Reviews

With less than a month left, Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S10 Series. Before coming to this event, let’s take a look at the outstanding technologies that are expected to appear on these smartphones.

“Combo” smart charging feature

It seems that Samsung will “play big” with three new Galaxy S10 smartphones when rumors suggest that it will feature fast charging, wireless charging and reverse charging for other devices on this new product line.

The first is fast charging. This feature seems to have become the standard for today’s flagship models. So it is reasonable for Samsung to bring it to the 10th generation Galaxy S line. According to sources leaker Ice Universe (@IceUniverse), the Galaxy S10 will feature Samsung’s all-new fast charger instead of the current 15W charger. This will be good news for Samfan.

In addition, the Galaxy S10 Series is expected to be equipped with wireless charging capability and even a wireless reverse charger for other devices, similar to Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Fingerprint sensor on screen

Continuing the journey to the unfinished era in 2018, Samsung will continue the solution similar to Galaxy A8s to narrow the bezel on the device with a “mole” screen.

The Galaxy S10 + version has just leaked images on users’ hands, unintentionally revealed that this device will be equipped with a dual selfie camera, meaning the “twin mole” will also appear on this version. . Similarly, both Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 E will also use the same screen design, only different in number of previous cameras.

Although not appreciated for the aesthetic as well as the inconvenience that this screen brings, Samsung still selected it for all 3 Galaxy S10 upcoming versions, is this a decision too reckless of Samsung? when “put all eggs in one basket”.

Besides, the Galaxy S10’s overflow design will come with fingerprint sensor technology in the screen. This is not a new technology because a series of previous manufacturers like Vivo, OPPO, Huawei have equipped their devices.

The leaked images show that the Galaxy S10 will have no fingerprint sensor on the back. Moreover, the slim bezel is quite thin, making it difficult for Samsung to equip the iris sensor on these devices. Therefore, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is the most optimal solution.

Recently, Samsung unintentionally revealed a patent on multi-sensor sensors under the screen with many additional utilities such as detecting heart rate, blood flow, etc., not merely identifying fingerprints. Although one step behind the mobile village, it is hoped that Samsung can learn the lesson and overcome the weaknesses of this technology from the previous companies.

Features on the camera

The Galaxy S10 Series camera will be a significant improvement over its predecessor. For the first time, Samsung will bring 3 camera setups to a flagship to face Chinese brands directly, especially those who are currently No. 1, Huawei.

According to many unofficial sources, Galaxy S10 + will have a total of 5 cameras: 2 selfie cameras and 3 rear cameras. Specifically, the set of 3 rear cameras includes Dual Aperture glass of 12 MP, 123-degree wide-angle lens of 16 MP (f / 1.9) and 13 MP telephoto lens (f / 2.4).

Meanwhile, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 E are expected to be equipped with a front camera. Regarding the rear camera, there are many assumptions for these two devices. There are rumors that both versions will be equipped with 3 cameras similar to Galaxy S10 +, but there is an opinion that the cheap version of Galaxy S10 E only owns dual camera settings.

Besides the number of lenses, Samsung will also bring software improvements to its new flagship line. The first is the “Bright Night” feature from Google, using different exposure settings to create impressive images in the dark. The second leaked feature is the Artistic Live Focus, which helps images have sharper objects, more unique blur backgrounds.

5G, Blockchain and other features

In addition to the three standard versions, the Galaxy S10 Series is expected to have an additional 5G version with impressive specs: 6.7 inch large screen, 4 rear cameras, 5,000 mAh battery, up to 12 GB RAM and internal memory can reach 1 TB. It is expected that this version will be sold limited to a number of markets, the first may be Korea and the US.

A few days ago, the leaked real image of the Galaxy S10 indicated that the device would support electronic money storage, allowing users to enter electronic wallet from another source or create a new wallet. via the company’s exclusive blockchain application.

Besides, some other features are expected to appear on Galaxy S10 Series including GPU acceleration technology Netro Game Booster, lighting effects around the front camera border, …


That’s all the technology that is expected to be available on Samsung Galaxy S10 versions, which one do you feel interested in? Let us know by commenting below.

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