JBL Pulse 2 Reviews

Although it has been released since 2015 and also has a successor version in 2018, but what is JBL Pulse 2 special that is always welcomed by users?

Design and features

It can be said that appearance is the most outstanding advantage of JBL Pulse 2. This is not only true in 2015, the time when users have to admire its ability to show off the enchanting light. Until now, there are still very few products on the market that can do the same thing.

With a characteristic cylindrical design, JBL Pulse 2 possesses the certainty and seamlessness of a portable speaker. In addition, the use of metal protective mesh covering the speaker body gives users a cool feeling when touching the product. In particular, right below the main grid is the system of 99 7-color LEDs (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple) glowing fancifully with a very smooth way of changing gradient colors.

Also, right above the function key is a special reading eye that the company calls JBL Prism Color Sensor. With the object’s color recognition function, this sensor gives JBL Pulse 2 the ability to switch arbitrary colors according to any color tone of any product you use. I have tested on fabric, plastic and wood, its readability is very good. Although the reproduced colors cannot be 100% complete, it is just enough for users to feel the fun Pulse 2 brings.

Although designed in a straightforward style, both the top and bottom of JBL Pulse 2 are the place where the company puts the product’s woofer duo. However, JBL has subtly designed a relatively small protrusion, does not affect the aesthetics and still ensures that the bass escapes and has the necessary reverberation when placing the speaker in a standing position.

In particular, there is one point I like on JBL Pulse 2 that is light water resistance. Thanks to that, whenever you listen to exciting songs with bass power, you should try pouring some water on the bass part of this speaker, from which we can feel very unique water dance effects.

Besides, JBL also provides users with JBL Connect software with the purpose of allowing you to customize the lighting effects with Pulse 2 easily. Not only that, this speaker also allows users to interact with lighting effects on the speakers by using sounds like applause, call or shaking speakers. Thanks to the JBL connect feature, whenever you interactively change light effects on a speaker, all other connected speakers change color.

Sound quality

One thing you should know is that at the time of JBL Pulse 2’s launch, the price was up to $250, not just about $100 as currently. And everything has its price, although its age partly affects the technology and features of the product, but the sound quality of this speaker makes me quite satisfied.

With a high volume level, JBL Pulse 2 is powerful enough to energize a spacious 30 square meter auditorium. In particular, the songs have strong bass like “All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor”, the bass of the speaker shows the necessary power, although sometimes not deep enough but in return the speakers have the bouncing, no tail, sounding and powerful enough to be the background for a lively song.

The mid sound of the speaker is relatively sweet and shows neutrality. The vocalist’s vocals were pushed up but not enough to create a special to help listeners mix in each word of the song. In return, this mid prize has good detail and is not outdone compared to the other leagues.

For the treble, JBL Pulse 2 has relatively good reproducibility. With the classic “Canon In D” sound track, the audio output is detailed and quite bright. However, like all speakers in the same segment, Pulse’s treble is still somewhat gentle, dazzling and a bit sharp. In general, Pulse’s treble is quite enough, but it is impossible to demand a high-pitched sound.

Besides, with a wide frequency range (85 Hz – 20,000 Hz), the sound from the speakers is streamlined. The background is warm and thick and the composition of the music is placed in the right place, not overlapping.

In general, with the current trend of a solid 360 speaker, a single-sided speaker like Pulse 2 will be a bit difficult to reach. However, compared to the actual sound quality and the experience that this speaker brings, it is still a bright product for young dynamic people who love beauty and want to show their own personality. Dear.


With more than 4 years of age, it seems that JBL Pulse 2 will become lost in the generation of “young, powerful and modern” mobile speakers on the market. But no, every product will bring its own advantages and disadvantages.

And at the price of only $100 at the moment, this JBL speaker is really worth considering and ignoring the small drawbacks. Besides, the water resistance is extremely valuable for a portable speaker, it will increase the mobility, durability of the speaker as well as allow users to use it comfortably, especially in the state of sun and rain.


  • The design is not obsolete.
  • Beautiful lighting system.
  • Many modern technologies.
  • Convenient water resistance.
  • Sound quality is vibrant and not picky.


  • Single-dimensional speakers are not 360.
  • Average mid sound, treble are quite good.

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