Logitech G PRO and G502 HERO

Although not born for each other, but the duo Logitech G Pro and G502 HERO can work together to become gamers’ weapons?

In theory, the Logitech G Pro keyboard is a two-eyed product with the G PRO mouse of a manufacturer from Switzerland. And of course, this pair of products is designed and qualified for esport accessories for professional gamers. However, G502 HERO is an extremely quality mouse, so it is not too difficult to replace the G PRO Mouse with Logitech G PRO keyboard.

The reason why I recall the above problem is because if the devices are released in the form of combos, the ability to synchronize features and feeling when using will be much better. They are designed in the same style and towards the same user object with the same usage habits. That’s why so many gamers always want to choose a gaming gear from the keyboard to the mouse and the headset in sync or at least from the same manufacturer for the best or simpler experience. just to become a genuine fan-boy.

In terms of design, the appearance of these two products is not related to each other when the G PRO keyboard owns for us simple design, not much angular and creates a modern look for the product and suitable for Users love the modern minimalist. On the contrary, the mouse G502 HERO brings on it the design of the gamers’ hole with each angular line to create focal points.

However, the compact size of Logitech G PRO keyboard is a great support for a large size mouse like G502. In fact, my desk is not big, so a TKL keyboard like G PRO helps me have more space to place and drag a larger G502 mouse. Besides, with RGB-G-Hub LED sync capability, users can customize more than 16 million colors for keyboard and mouse display.

Unfortunately, the current LED sync capability only supports monochromatic LEDs, so if you want the product to show RGB LED, turn off the sync feature, so the keyboard and mouse will be more beautiful and “colorful”. a little.

In terms of experience in the process of practical use, both products are very good support while I play the game, both have a system of dedicated macro keys and also the ability to automatically activate the key profile Every time a user opens a different game.

Actual testing with DOTA 2, the keyboard LED on the keyboard will automatically switch to the profile of this game and will only light the lights in the keys that function in the game (Q, W, E, R, D, F , …). For the G502 HERO, its macro key system will better support FPS titles, the previous G-Shift key will become a dedicated viewfinder key, which will help gamers to headshot. The enemy is easier.

It can be said, despite being launched with G PRO Mouse, I personally prefer the combination of G502 HERO and Logitech G PRO keyboard, I like the simplicity and modernity that this mechanical keyboard brings. However, in a gaming mouse, the hole and edge help me show my strong personality more, not to mention in terms of technology and features, G502 HERO is more than G PRO Mouse.

Besides, for an ordinary user, mixing separate keyboards into a combo to use is quite a normal thing. Especially with a Logitech G Pro and G502 HERO duo for fanboy games.


Obviously, with the price, technology and what Logitech G PRO and G502 HERO bring, users will get a pair of products with good quality, contrast design and high synchronization capability. When combining these two products, you will be able to fight well in all your favorite games (keyboard MOBA, mouse FPS, etc.) without having to worry about compatibility issues. Besides, with the brilliant 16 million color RGB LED system, the 2 products will really create aesthetic highlight on your desktop.

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