Logitech G Pro Keyboard Reviews

Logitech G Pro Keyboard is a quality mechanical keyboard, with a relatively affordable price and makes it easy for users to access Logitech’s ecosystem. In the following article, we will experience and share with you the advantages and disadvantages of this keyboard.

Modern Tenkeyless design

Basically, the appearance of G Pro keyboard gives users a simple but modern look. Not too many angles like G310 or G410 that Logitech previously introduced, the design of this keyboard is really a plus point for those who love simplicity.

The Logitech G Pro keyboard measures 360 x 153 x 34.3 mm (Length x Width x Thick) and weighs about 980g. The keyboard has a TKL design style with large key presses and a specific profile, which helps to cut down on the space that the keyboard occupies, to make room for mice and accessories to give users a better experience.

Similar to other keyboards in the segment, Logitech uses plastic materials to complete the frame for Logitech G Pro. However, the company has subtly customized the plastic layer on the surface of the keyboard blisters a bit rough and smooth, the feeling of grip since then also improved. In addition, the use of glossy plastic to paint the edges of the keyboard, despite the high aesthetic, is quite easy to scratch and requires us to be careful to ensure its beauty.

To support the purpose of bringing the keyboard out to work, Logitech used a 1.8m long cable and could completely separate it from the key body. The microUSB plug with Aquaman’s “trident” design will help ensure a stable connection during the battle of gamers.

The bottom of the keyboard is simple with 5 feet of non-slip rubber and 2 anti-feet to lift the keyboard 4 or 8 degrees, depending on each person’s needs.

Keycap, switch and click feeling

For a mechanical keyboard, the feeling of pressing is always a top priority when choosing a product. And the two things that determine the key touch are keycap and switch.

For keycap, Logitech G Pro uses single-shot ABS plastic with laser engraved characters. This keycap is coated with a soft-touch layer that gives a very good touch. However, the common disadvantage of ABS key presses is the shadow phenomenon after a long time of using looks aesthetically. However, the use of this material will help the company to cut costs and product costs are also more accessible.

Regarding the switch, Logitech G Pro uses the home-grown “Romer-G” switch, which the company cooperated with Omron to research and develop. According to the manufacturer, this switch is designed to optimize the gaming experience with 3mm key stroke, low trigger point of only 1.5mm and 45g pressing force.

Real-world testing, the Romer-G switch provides a fairly similar typing experience with Cherry MX Brown, although it is less noise and a slightly shorter key journey. In addition, the use of dual contact points on the Romer-G switch not only makes the keyboard signal more sensitive and stable, but also helps extend the usage time and increase the durability of the switch (more than 70 million clicks).

The downside of this switch is that it has a separate four-pin keycap system attached to four holes on each switch’s slider, so we won’t be able to use CherryMX’s keycap system or any popular keycap on the market. . However, if you are not a passionate keycap or “plastic drug” but simply want a good mechanical keyboard to use for a long time, this drawback will not be a problem.

Software and features

Logitech gives users the Gaming Software software to be able to best support each feature and familiar task. Just install Logitech Gaming Software, the keyboard will automatically connect and help you customize the function for Function key row (F1-F12) into Marco keys for each different application.

RGB lighting system with more than 16 million colors can also be customized in various ways with many brilliant effects. In addition to 5 basic modes like Wave, Breathing, Color Circle, Color Wave, Key Press, we can completely customize each key or key area individually to be able to stand out for our own personality.

Besides, this software is also added by Logitech many Profile lights and keys of popular games like DOTA 2, PUBG, APEX LEGEND, … When you play a certain game on the supported list The light system will automatically change color according to the game’s key manipulation keys. Of course, users can completely customize these buttons or create a separate color profile to use separately for other applications such as Photoshop, Premiere, …

In particular, for maximum support for the experience of professional gamers, Logitech Gaming Software also has a heat map mode that keeps track of the most pressed areas and displays them via heat maps.


With a price of about 2.2 million, Logitech G Pro is an ideal mechanical keyboard option to play games with good quality, modern design, and many support features. Although there are still some disadvantages about the material, but thanks to good typing feeling and fast response time, this keyboard will be a powerful weapon for gamers to fight through emotional adventures.


  • Modern, high-quality TKL design.
  • Good typing experience, high response speed.
  • Eye-catching RGB led lights.
  • Good support software, many attractive features.


  • Keycap pretty quality ABS.
  • Can not replace keycap.

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