Logitech G502 Hero Reviews

Is the upgraded version of the legendary G502 released 5 years ago, will Logitech G502 Hero give gamers a great experience as its predecessor? Let’s find out through the article below.

Despite being considered an upgraded version of the G502 Proteus Core launched in 2013, Logitech G502 Hero’s appearance can be said to be almost identical to its predecessor, the only difference is the G logo. be changed into a new, more modern logo. This is not a minus point but also a plus of this G502 Hero. Especially when this gamer-like appearance is one of the selling points of the product and makes users have to pay a purse.

With a relatively large size (132mm long, 75mm wide and 40mm thick) and 121G weight, G502 Hero still has the downside that the predecessor G502 has to deal with is quite high and partly affects the experience. Playing FPS titles (CS: GO; PUBG; …) requires very fast processing phases with the mouse.

However, looking at the sales volume and always in the top of the best-selling mice back to the chain store, perhaps this drawback is not a problem for customers who do not place heavy weight problems.

In addition, Logitech also gave users 5 sets of 3.6G dumbbells to change the performance of the mouse. This allows gamers to customize the weight in many ways (front, rear, left, right and center) to find the right location and optimize their gaming performance.

Ergonomically designed with close details, Logitech G502 Herot gives users a comfortable grip, even if you have a Palm Grip, Claw Grip or Grip Fingertips. then the keystrokes are done correctly and easily. However, with the asymmetrical design and the size of the key press, the Palm Grip model will be an optimal choice for a classic mouse like the G502.

Besides, with a total of 11 function keys including 2 left and right mouse buttons, G502 Hero gives users the ability to impressively customize each task and each game title. And yet, when combined with the G-Shift key on the left side of the mouse, they will have 8 completely new Macro keys for customization. Preliminary experience, most of the keys are very good support, especially when users can set each key Profile for different games or software. Specifically with 2 software Premiere and After Effect, the assistive keys have very good support for their work.

However, the two buttons G7 and G8 next to the left mouse button have not really promoted many effects. These two buttons are protruding with the purpose of making it easier to press, but its position makes your index finger slightly and the force of pressing is quite heavy, making it uncomfortable to press it. Think, you should leave the default function of these two keys to increase DPI reduction to be able to use in necessary cases, it will be more reasonable.

In addition, there is one thing I really like about this Logitech G502 roller which is the infinite rolling capability that it calls Hyper Fast Scrolling. Not only is it a tool to help us quickly scroll through long pages of hundreds of pages, but this metal wheel is also a tool to help us entertain, reduce stress very happily during stressful working times.

The customization of buttons and DPI is also made easy with Logitech Gaming Software, but Logitech also provides a new tool called G Hub with a more intuitive interface and helps users customize it much faster. The software also allows you to customize and sync RGB LEDs over 16 million colors. Personally, I think if Logitech is adding a strip of RGB lights along the mouse body, it will be an excellent resonance for G502 Hero’s pitiful appearance.

Unlike the design, the heart of Logitech G502 Hero is the brightest upgrade of this product compared to the predecessor generation. Using the sensor of High Efficiency Rated Optical (HERO) with 16,000 DPI, according to Logitech, this is the company’s most accurate gaming sensor ever.

With the ability to handle the fastest frame rates, HERO is able to create more than 400 IPS, 100 – 16,000 DPI and achieve the highest accuracy and stability in each click. And of course, the durability of the mouse switch on the G502 Hero is over 50 million clicks, ensuring gamers can fight for the rest of their gaming life.


It can be said that keeping the design that has been in existence for 5 years has not diminished the value of Logitech G502 Hero but also the highlight of the product special. In addition, the G502 also possesses many attractive features along with a quality sensor system that maximizes the gaming needs of users, some minor disadvantages (weight, led lights). , …) will not be a major obstacle to a gamer like you coming to this quality mouse.


  • Designing a tunnel of gamers.
  • Many macro keystroke systems.
  • Software G Hub and Logitech Gaming Software well support the needs of users.
  • The HERO sensor delivers a high speed of lemon feedback and accuracy.


  • The weight is slightly higher than when used with FPS games.
  • RGB led system is still simple.

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