Logitech G512 Carbon Reviews

InĀ the strong development of the current gaming gear market, Logitech continues to offer users a new option called Logitech G512 Carbon with the hope that it will conquer the hearts of gamers.


The design of the G512 Carbon can be said to be Logitech’s signature in recent years. When it comes to users’ eyes, it is minimalistic “practical”. The reason I say it is practical is because its design is not special, no angular lines, no knob control volume and also has separate macro keys like gaming mechanical keyboards on the market. The composition of the Logitech G512 Carbon is simply with 108 keys placed on a flat panel.

However, this pragmatism is also the point of creating value for G512 Carbon. The first evidence is its key section. Logitech has used aluminum alloy material – magnesium 5052 (used on civil aircraft) is extremely durable and sturdy to create a solid anti-skid frame but still ensures minimalism and aesthetics. product. In addition, the “G” logo is used to identify brands that are not integrated into the backlight but are plated with nickel balls, I personally prefer this logo, which is consistent with the simplicity of G512 and not too flashy and colorful. like other products.

The second is a 108-key system with floating switch design with mysterious black tones to bring a contrast to scratched carbon gray plate of the frame. In addition, although it was not integrated with 2 key stages, Logitech used a special design for the base below the product, the two-side open design of the G512 offers better stability than the design. open up like tradition.

Besides the extended USB port, the front of the Logitech G512 Carbon has a snail catcher, which makes me quite curious. At first I thought Logitech allowed users to unplug the keyboard cable and reset the mid-position but not. This is the place for Logitech Bridge – a special tool with a virtual keyboard and hand emulator function so they can see and type keys more easily in VR virtual reality environment.

Experience and features

Although still using ABS keycap, Logitech has brought a bright upgrade to support users with 3 different switch options including: Romer-G Tactile, Romer-G Linear and GX Blue . If the traditional Romer-G Tactile has quite similar click sensations with Cherry MX Brown with Romer-G Linear’s 2-legged slider, it is a small upgrade version with no click operation. tactile feedback, its typing experience can be said to be straight from top to bottom like Cherry MX RED but the key stroke and trigger point are slightly shorter.

And the Romer-G Linear is also the switch of the G512 Carbon on hand, the actual typing experience with this switch is relatively comfortable, it does not require gamers to use a force too large to press the key but still ensure Get fast and accurate response speed. Therefore, it will be more suitable for FPS games that require high speed like PUBG or CS: GO, …

However, if you are the one who wants to get the best typing experience every time, the switch is not an ideal choice. This is the time you should consider GX Blue – with almost the same typing experience as Cherry MX Blue when there is a light click with a clicky button every time you press the key. In particular, this switch also uses keycap system similar to the popular Cherry keycap on the market today, thereby helping gamers to freely customize the keys depending on your personality.

And to get a more objective view of the sound or the typing experience of each switch, readers can access the link below to listen to it:

Besides, the advantage of Romer-G switch design also allows Logitech to place the character in the center keycap, the light from the RGB led system from there can spread evenly here without encountering weakening phenomenon from the top down like traditional keyboards.

Like many other Logitech products, the special feature of the 16-million-color system on the G512 Carbon is also in LIGHTSYNC technology, allowing the keyboard to have more flexible lighting modes as well as customization and synchronization capabilities. with different devices to suit each content – good games and videos and music.

Users can customize this led light system with Logitech Gaming Software or Logitech G-Hub. Both of these software give users an intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface. In addition, although the design is as minimalist as I said above, you can still use the function keys (F1, F2, …) to make macro keys for each different user profile. Similarly, volume control, play and pause, mute, switch game mode, change lighting effects, etc. can also be adjusted easily when combined with the Fn key on the keyboard.


Logitech Carbon G512 is a really quality keyboard in its price range. When this keyboard possesses a neutral design that can please individual gamers or simply, a universal user wants to have a new experience with a dedicated mechanical keyboard without want to invest too much. Besides, the biggest disadvantage of switch and replacement keycap is also improved very well thanks to the new GX Blue switch. And with a price of only about 2.8 million, the Logitech G512 Carbon is really an early pioneer for the manufacturer’s ambition to dominate the market.


  • Minimalist and modern design.
  • High quality aluminum-magnesium alloy material.
  • Many features support gamers.
  • Set of 3 diverse switches for gamers to choose.


  • The ability to replace keycap is still limited with Romer-G Tactile and Romer-G Linear
  • Still using ABS keycap

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