Logitech G903 Reviews

Referring to Logitech and Gaming Gear, it is impossible not to mention the top mouse of the Swiss manufacturer named Logitech G903


Logitech G903, also known as the Logitech G903 Lightspeed, is Logitech’s most advanced gaming mouse. Therefore, the user who owns it must feel the premium right from the box, not just the product alone. Understanding this, Logitech packaged the G903 in a way that could not be more advanced with a very good quality finish box, molded according to the appearance of the product.

In addition, the wires connected to all specialized accessories are packed into a compact and convenient container for gamers.

Going into the design, the Logitech G903 has a look that is similar to its predecessor G900. However, the G903 has improved the inherent disadvantage of the man, when the G900’s weight is too light (107g) and may not be suitable for some gamers. Therefore, in this version Logitech offers users a 10g dumbbell which increases the total weight of the mouse to 120g and brings a better experience depending on the usage habits of the player.

In addition, the Logitech G903’s appearance still exudes the necessary pit of a high-end gaming mouse. There are still the necessary ergonomics on the back combined with angled and angled details on the front edge, making the G903 able to seduce any gamer from the first contact.

Furthermore, the two left mouse buttons must be specially designed with lever hinges and completely separate from the mouse body to make the click hardness completely determined by the switch, not affected by the elasticity of plastic too. This design, not only helps minimize the click stroke, increases accuracy but also gives the most realistic feeling on every click.

However, with the size of 130.3 x 66.5 x 40.4mm (Length x Horizontal x Thick), Logitech is suitable for those who have a little big hand, so the feeling of hand grip will be very comfortable even if you Do you use any grip like Palm Grip, Claw Grip or Fingertips Grip. However, for those with slightly small hands, the Palm Grip grip will be a bit uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

In particular, the roller on the G903 is a big plus of the product. Not only does it have HyperFast Rolling technology with the ability to roll the wheel with just one button right after it, this roller design also makes it feel like a miniature “wheel”. The use of “spokes” to reinforce the outer rubber cover not only increases aesthetics but also makes the roller much lighter.

Just below the main roller is the dual-key DPI control and RGB LED that represents 5 different DPI levels in a subtle and beautiful way. The remaining extra keys of the G903 include 4 macro buttons that are equally divided by 2 next to the product. The Swiss manufacturer is also exquisite, with pairs of plastic buttons for users to customize the button depending on the habit of using the mouse with the left or right hand. In addition, you can fully use all 4 keys for 4 different functions without worrying about the possibility of mistakenly pressing.

Software and features

Similar to other Logitech products, users can use either software (Logitech Gaming Software or Logitech G-Hub) to customize and set up features for G903 Lightspeed. This software system provides users with powerful customization of color, LED mode, assigning macro keys to each individual profile.

However, for G-hub is in the development stage, this software does not support users to add combo keys to macro keys but only use the key system available in the software.

Besides, the Battery Support section in Logitech Gaming Software and G-Hub also helps you know the battery level and predicts your remaining battery life.

In particular, the Logitech G903’s value creation is its zero-second charging capability. For a wireless mouse, battery life is always a top concern for gamers. Although it offers G903 exclusive time-adjusting technology that significantly reduces the sensor’s energy consumption, so you can play for 32 hours continuously with just one charge.

However, the rechargeable battery is still the rechargeable battery, and the outage of the battery is inevitable. Understanding this problem, Logitech introduced POWERPLAY, a non-second drag and drop system that makes the G903 able to charge the battery right while you’re playing. Although according to the statistics, the ability to charge this system is not high but the battery loss while users use this combo is not happening.

This means that we can freely use the mouse without worrying about charging every time the battery runs out. Not only that, if using PowerPlay, this liner will act as a Receiver for the G903 and you won’t need to use the dedicated USB Receiver anymore.

Sensors and practical experience

As a top mouse, the Logitech G903 continues to use the advanced optical sensor PixArt PMW3366. This is an optical sensor that can be said to be the best at present with a DPI resolution of 200 → 12,000 DPI, maximum acceleration of 40G and tracking speed up to 400 IPS. Combined with proprietary Lightspeed technology, the G903’s rolling rate reaches a maximum of 1,000Hz, resulting in a signal delay of only 1ms. The actual test showed that the G903 offers extremely fast response speed, the accuracy is no different than using cables, even if I play FPS games that require extremely high precision like PUBG the latency doesn’t happen.

Besides, the Logitech switch uses Omron’s mechanical switch at their age of 50 million clicks. Combining the completely separate design of two mouse buttons with the way of placing the switch in an angle and perpendicular to the contact point of two RMB buttons and LMB has helped speed the response between each click faster, the click sound The mouse has more ears. It can be said that the Logitech G903 gives me a great feeling of touch, whether it’s playing games or simply simple web clicks.


By valuing nearly $150 for the Logitech G903 right from the moment of launch, it makes gamers flinch in choosing it. But once you’ve experienced the G903 Lightspeed in your hands, you’ll definitely understand the value it brings. A nice wireless mouse, with impressive battery life, high-end sensor, fast response speed, comes with many modern technologies and especially from a big brand like Logitech that makes you think A lot after reading this article.


  • Modern design, good support for both hands.
  • High-end sensor, speed of response is very fast.
  • Great click feeling.
  • Support for wireless charging and impressive battery life.


  • Prices are still high, not easily accessible

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