Sennheiser IE 40 Pro Reviews

There is no need to lengthen what to say because of what I have to say, in the video I have mentioned, there is no need to introduce Sennheiser anymore, this is the monument of the Sennheiser IE 40 Pro headphones. Very good monitor with quality recordings. Which brother should buy: like the sound quality in full detail, clear, moderate center, balanced, not thick and smooth, listen to the internal force and bass range of hunting neat, clean, IE 40 Pro is one must buy, not to say it is worth buying. I have heard him since he was a prototype and was fascinated, the official commercial is not too different from what I was told.

People who like to listen to gold music, orchestral music, young music, K-pop or EDM may not like this one very much because the sub-bass is not overflowing, not being boosted, so listening to the music will be Not familiar, this time Shure 215 or Sony Extra Bass will make you more satisfied.

Sennheiser IE 40 Pro is easy to type, 20 ohms, 115dB sensitive, so it can sing from phone to music player. For those of you who plug in the 3.5mm port of your phone and hear it too harshly, buy a portable DAC / amp Fiio Q1 Mk2.

Well, as I said, I really like listening to Sennheiser IE 40 Pro in high bass and midrange, it has an airy style and maintains the intensity and internal force of the vocal without pressing, coloring in through the middle of the sound, this is the point I like but it is also a drawback for those who have old ideas now that “Sennheiser ears are very warm and hearty” – I don’t know where is this person who has heard the thick mid is not going to find it right away, it can’t be felt immediately. Not to mention this type of phonetic sound, if you listen to the recordings, it will be very difficult to hear because it almost brings errors such as treble click, mid-click, making music, especially pop will become rough.

Treble excelled in price range, I heard Shure’s SE 215 felt that the treble was always what it had but lacked the intensity, the ambiguity, did not create the atmosphere for the recording, besides its bass band was slightly slow and lack of force at 80-125Hz so the drum does not sound firm.

Sennheiser IE 40 Pro, on the other hand, is only slightly thin in sub-bass from 60-50Hz, down to 80-125Hz range, it is powerful, neat, and not slime and um um like SE 215.

Wearing comfortable, extremely comfortable because of light weight and compact morphology, hugging the ear, I wear 2 more hours and do not want to remove it. My child’s MMCX plug is also dug deep down a bit to If there is any damage, then damage the cord, but the plug of the connector is not bent. However, the drawback of this design is that it is difficult to find another line of 3rd party to change the sound, only Sennheiser strings can be replaced.

The opening sentence is also the key, because I like it, right from the first time I hear it! If you are looking for an excellent in-ear headset with 3 silver coins, listen to music that is carefully invested and highly dynamic, IE 40 Pro is a name not to be missed.

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