Sony Extrabass WH-XB700 Reviews – Compact design, with virtual assistant, battery upto 30h

Last March, Sony quietly launched a new wireless headset that is WH-XB700. The product reminiscent of the MDR-XB700 headset has made a deep impression on users thanks to its pitiful design and extremely terrible bass. However, contrary to his lean big brother, WH-XB700 has a neat, youthful design, integrated virtual assistant Google Assistant, equipped with wireless connection with battery life up to 30h .

The new version of WH-XB700 has been targeted by Sony as a dynamic young user, moving and enjoying technology. Positive changes from external design to internal features help bring convenience to users. I have used it for a while and today please share with me some of the positive changes Sony has brought.

If everyone used to have an old generation Extrabass headset with a pit-like design, both thick and thick ear pads might not be familiar with the new WH-XB700 version. The new version is a compact on-ear headset with details made of rough plastic that completely covers the headset instead of the exposed metal blocks. Sony of course did not forget to reinforce his product with a metal frame for added certainty.

Thanks to the on-ear design, WH-XB700 has a compact earpad, enough to hold the ear ring, ensuring comfortable use for a long time and still ensures good sound insulation. The stylized exhaust section, which has a lighter color than the total, helps to create accents.

WH-XB700 is equipped with Sony Bluetooth connectivity to match the current trend. On the right side of the ear, we will have 3 boost navigation buttons, volume down and play / pause cum call accept functions, via song (press 2 times in a row) and back (press 3 times in a row).

On the left, there will be a talk mic, 3.5mm port for wire use, USB-C charging port, power on / off button and a Custom button for the purpose of calling a virtual assistant.

It is praiseworthy that Sony has lifted up its headset products with a standard C-type USB charging port with fast charging for the duration of WH-XB700 up to 90 minutes in just 10 minutes of charging time. Up to 30 hours of battery life is also a plus.

Sony has also added a Custom button that quickly calls the smartphone’s virtual assistant. In an era of smart mobile devices that integrate virtual assistants, voice commands allow users to make hands-free voice commands with basic commands in addition to playing music like making an appointment. , alarm, watch the weather, … For iOS users, the custom button mistakenly understands that Siri will be the main virtual assistant (or we can change the virtual assistant available as good Google Assistant Alexa in the Sony Connect app). As for Android users, the WH-XB700 headset will automatically connect in the form of Google Assistant, and the operation is to press and hold to make voice commands. Not only that WH-XB700 is also compatible with Cortana on Windows operating system and devices using Alexa as virtual assistant.

Talking about the sound quality of WH-XB700, this is a product of the ExtraBass series, so it is obvious that it is inherited the strong point of being able to reproduce strong and abundant bass. Thanks to that, when displaying electronic music, dance music or pop songs with lively sound, XB700 gives thick bass and vibration. The band is deep down, beating fast, not slipping.

That’s not to say that WH-XB700 not only has bass and bass. The mid-range band is also shown in detail, quite sweet and not obscured or overwhelmed by the bass range. With the V-shape orientation in default mode when not tuned by the Sony Connect App, the treble strip makes me happy by showing high tones or effects of K-Pop versions.

If you prefer, you can use the Sony Connect App to fine tune some things like: Surround VPT (environment emulator), Clear Bass (bass tuning), Sound Position Control (emulate music source location) ), Sound Quality Mode (SBC, ACC codec changes), ….

With a price of $130, Sony gives us a product that is about the design, features and sound quality. WH-XB700 brought in many changes as I shared above to help improve the competitiveness in an increasingly fierce headset market.

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