Sony SRS-XB31 bluetooth speakers Reviews

Sony SRS-XB31 is a bluetooth speaker belonging to 2018 extrabass speaker. This can be considered a bold upgrade version of Sony, promising to bring new experiences to users.

As you know, Sony is very successful when users across many countries enthusiastically receive their audio products. Following the success of the SRS-XB20, XB30 and XB40 bluetooth speakers, in the beginning of 2018 Sony launched the 3 upgraded versions, Sony SRS-XB21, XB31 and XB41.

New design: more modern, more suitable

External design is the point that causes many conflicting opinions about this year’s 3 product sets. Sony SRS-XB31 is redesigned with high quality fabric from Japan, covering all sides of the speaker.

Many people believe that changing the design makes “loss of substance” of extrabass speakers. I personally see this as a positive design change. The speaker cover with this fabric has increased a lot of aesthetics, while also protecting the speaker is durable and beautiful, in addition to helping the water become faster and easier. Sony XB31 is not “losing quality” or an error in the design, whereas our speakers are extremely youthful with angular lines soft and equally modern when the manufacturer makes 2 strips of led running. around.

The speaker measures only 230 x 80 x 85 mm, this is a size I appreciate quite well, still very suitable for trips or lively parties. Besides Sony SRS-XB31 is not too heavy when owning only 890g weight. When grasping to move or “fling” at the party, the speaker gives users a certain feeling of compacting hands, the fabric material has just optimized the weight, while supporting the holding of the speaker in one hand is comfortable, Don’t worry about slippery. Moreover, Sony SRS-XB31 is IP67 waterproof and dust resistant, it can protect against light shock and rust, so users can be assured of the durability of this speaker.

Despite its small size, Sony still has 2 full-range speakers with 48mm size on the speaker and a passive bass speaker. Sony uses a lightweight, hard-wired Cellular speaker cone that enhances sound quality

In addition to changing the design, Sony has also redesigned the control buttons on the speakers. Specifically, the top edge of the speaker has the following buttons:

  • Power: plays the role of turning on / off the speaker and pairing function
  • Volume up button (plus sign)
  • Volume down button (minus sign)
  • Indicator light and bluetooth icon
  • Play / Pause button: plays the role of playing / stopping music

Also on the top edge of the speaker, but the left translation we still have the NFC icon. This is an extremely useful and indispensable technology for Sony.

Behind the speaker, we have the connection cluster and other function keys under 1 rubber cap:

  • USB port: turn the speaker into a backup battery, charge it to other devices
  • Micro USB charging port: charge the battery for the speaker
  • 3.5 mm port: transmit audio directly from the source to the speaker (without playing via Bluetooth)
  • Reset button: Returns the speaker to the factory default settings
  • BATT button (-LIGHT): press to see the battery and hold to turn on / off the led light
  • WPC (wireless party chain) button: to synchronize 100 speakers
  • The ADD button to connect two speakers together creates a pair of stereo speakers

Advanced and useful technology

Sony has always been a “notorious” producer of sound when integrating many advanced technologies into its products. Of course the Sony SRS-XB31 is no exception, Sony has integrated extremely quality technologies into this small speaker:

  • Bluetooth 4.2 standard: data transfer is 2.5 times faster than Bluetooth 4.1, power saving, stable connection (distance ~ 30 meters) and more secure
  • LDAC: an exclusive technology of the company capable of operating at 3 levels including 330kbps, 660kbps and 990kbps with Quality Priority Mode, allowing the transfer of Hi-Res sound quality via bluetooth connection. , much faster than the 328kbps maximum limit of the traditional SBC codec. Similar to aptX, LDAC also requires codec support for both the transmitter and receiver. Not only that, Sony confidently added that the LDAC codec also supports the 24bit / 96kHz standard (bit rate equivalent to 4.5Mbps) by the special transmission method.
  • NFC: quick connection between music playback device and speaker via a single touch

In addition, Sony SRS-XB31 is designed to meet IP67 water and dust resistance (level 7 water resistance and level 6 dust resistance). The rear lid of the speaker is designed to be very waterproof. However, you should note that if you submerge the underwater speakers without closing this lid, the speaker can be completely damaged.

Sony is very confident that the XB31 can play music continuously in standard mode and turn off the LED for 24 hours. In my actual experience of the manufacturer’s offer, I heard about 10 hours before the speaker collapsed. After fully charged and tested in Live Sound mode (unique three-dimensional sound) + turn on the led light, the speaker works for about 8 hours. In my opinion this is an impressive number with a speaker with good bass and leds like this, but I still hope the battery life is longer to serve trips, picnics and parties. vibrant.

Especially Extra Bass line this year is integrated with extremely interesting Party Booster feature. Specifically, you just need to tap twice on the back of the speaker or on the Music Center software on the phone to open this feature, then you just need to tap on the sides of the speaker to create separate sounds. You can unleash creative play music with the sound of disk scrubbing, drums, bass drums, bell bells … Pouring force will adjust the volume, patting for soft, soft slapping, loud noises.

 Sound quality to every bass

There are two sound modes on Sony SRS-XB31 that Sony has introduced a lot, including Live Sound and Extra Bass.

Live Sound: now you will hear a more stereo, 3D sound, as if listening to live

Extra Bass: more bass, more bass and leaner

Live Sound mode may be appropriate when listening to soft music, listeners want to immerse in it as if enjoying “live music” in cafes or concerts. But when enjoying vibrant EDM music, don’t forget to switch to Extra Bass mode to enhance the experience! Even the name of the speaker, we can easily realize that this is the strong point of this speaker.

With Extra Bass mode, you will feel a neat, strong and deep bass. However, it is easy to see that this mode is only suitable when you leave the volume at a medium level because the bass speaker on Sony SRS-XB31 is a passive bass speaker so it will need a volume large enough to be able to maximize its potential. power. Therefore, it is only when you bring large spaces to Extra Bass mode, but when you are at home to help with headaches, listening to Live Sound or Standard is enough (I prefer Live Sound).


The Sony SRS-XB31 has a lot of modern and useful features like:

  • Water and dust resistance IP67, anti-rust even for sea salt, withstands impact at a height of 1m2.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 with Sony’s proprietary LDAC for high quality audio transmission.
  • More beautiful and modern design with premium speaker fabric made in Japan.
  • Ability to connect 2 speakers to become a pair of stereo speakers
  • Connect up to 100 speakers and XB line jubilantly at the party.
  • Party Booster: tap on speaker to create bass.

Sony SRS-XB31 is really small but has martial arts, this is a bluetooth speaker that is worth the price!

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