Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse Reviews

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse is a quality gaming mouse, many features and prices are also very good to add to the powerful Xiaomi system for MiFan.

From the moment of launch, Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse was the most expensive mouse of the manufacturer from China. However, with what this product offers, the price of less than one million of it becomes very affordable when compared to products with the same features.


At first glance, Mi Gaming Mouse’s looks are relatively simple with soft curves that are coherently and positively connected. The level of perfection it has to say is to give me satisfaction even if it’s just a universal product.

In more detail about the design, Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse has a relatively large size (126 x 68 x 41 mm) and a weight of approximately 139g. And the actual experience with this mouse gives it a very good grip, quite compact and firm grip. However, 139g is a small number for a computer mouse, so FPS gamers will not be comfortable using this mouse. However, I don’t often play FPS games and quite like “heavy” mice so this drawback is not a problem for me personally.

Besides the use of high-grade rough plastic materials, the part of the mouse lid with the purpose of making it less grip on fingerprints and sweat is also covered with a thin layer of rubber on the left and right sides of the product. This design helps gamers have a better experience when using the mouse for a long time, something that not many products in the same segment have.

In addition, although designed with symmetrical style so that left and right-handed people can use it, all macro keys are Xiaomi placed next to the left product. In particular, in addition to the customizable M4 and M5 keys, the company also offers a dedicated viewfinder with the aim of better support in each enemy’s headshot.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse is a wireless mouse. However, Xiaomi has subtly hidden the USB Receiver underneath the mouse lid so if you first come into contact with it, it will be difficult to realize, partly because of the very good level of product completion. In particular, one thing I really like about this mouse is that it uses rechargeable batteries instead of AAA batteries like other products. Besides, the company also offers users a 60cm USB-microUSB cable to support wired connection or simply charge the product.

Software and features

And to assist users in connecting and customizing features, Xiaomi also offers gamers a dedicated software. However, the disadvantage of this software is that it currently only supports Chinese. In return, with an intuitive interface and relatively easy to understand, gamers can also customize quite simply.

After connecting the mouse to the USB computer, we can see the main interface is the display of the capabilities of Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse. The next tab is where to customize the Macro key and you can assign a key combination for any button. The third tab is the feature that I like the most, it allows us to customize our own RGB LED or LED light on the back of the mouse. The RGB light on Mi Gaming Mouse gives me a sense of lightness and “cuteness”, its transition effect is not sharp and quite subtle.

Xiaomi offers users the ability to adjust DPI in the 4th tab software. It helps you to customize 5 different DPI levels according to your usage habits and can quickly change with 2 movies behind the roller.

Sensors and battery life

Technically, Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse uses optical sensors with sensitivity from 50 – 7200 DPI, with tracking speed of 150 IPS and 30 G acceleration. And as I mentioned above, users can switch between DPI levels easily thanks to 32-bit ARM processor.

The reading eye of the mouse provides a very good recognition speed, quick response and can work well in many different drag surfaces without encountering jerks or loss when moving the mouse quickly. Actual testing when playing MOBA games like DOTA 2, Mi Gaming Mouse works very well, high response speed and latency hardly happen even when I use wireless feature. Besides, with FPS games like CS: GO, the ability of the mouse really makes me a little tired when playing games for a long time.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse is also equipped with a 1,500mAh battery that makes it possible to operate well up to 48 hours in just one charge. For a good mouse like Mi Gaming Mouse, I appreciate the use of a Li-ion battery to replace traditional AAA batteries, which will give users more flexibility in their use. Use wireless and wired mixes when playing games or working for a long time.

Besides, with the mouse switch at the bottom, we can also use this Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse for 2 separate devices more easily.


Can say Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse is a quality mouse, really attractive with many features along with eye-catching RGB led system. Although there are still some downsides and support software, but with relatively accessible cost it is clear that Mi Gaming Mouse is a great gaming mouse for gamers who want to improve their skills but There is no “good” purse. And of course, it also deserves to be in the Xiaomi ecosystem collection of a true MiFan


  • Modern design with high finishing.
  • The system of RGB LEDs is eye-catching.
  • Many features support gamers.
  • Optical sensors have a high and stable recognition speed.


  • The weight is still quite high.
  • Software limited to Chinese language.

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